MAMA is a production company making feature films, promos and music videos


What's Your Name 41? (2005) B&W 46 mins

Renowned artist, Sam Clarke, is commissioned to create a sculpture for a rich,dying client. In order to find inspiration Sam leaves London for Venice where he sets about creating his masterpiece. It's a journey of self discovery that forces Sam to face some awkward truths.....


Coffee Sex You (2014) Colour 74 mins

"So many famous people I like died when they were 27... Kurt Cobain, Janice Joplin, Jim Morrison. Also, death is inevitable so why pay more taxes?"

JustInes_Portrait_Yellow 2.jpeg

Just Inès (2010) Colour 84 mins

Tom Jackson is perceived as having everything: a great career, a beautiful wife, in short a perfect life. But behind this facade of perfection, Tom is a man living a lie.

Electric On Set 8.jpg

How to Behave (2012) Colour 2 mins

Produced and directed by Marcel Grant featuring Gemma Arterton, Rafe Spall, Benedict Cumberbatch, James Corden, Nigella Lawson and more... London's oldest working cinema asks its patrons to observe certain manners of behaviour when enjoying its shows.

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Open My Eyes (2016) Colour 72 mins

The story follows the mysterious and sinister disappearance of a quantum physicist who is involved in a ground-breaking scientific discovery at CERN in Geneva.