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The Late Great ‘78

(Glamour's Golden Sunset)


Filmmaker Marcel Grant's new documentary film, which through archive footage along with contemporary interviews with some of the surviving characters, documents the star studded decadence of a scene in which the chic and famous of the world's major cities partied like there was no tomorrow

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Commissioned by Soho House for The Electric Cinemas in Notting Hill and their Shoreditch cinema, produced and directed by Marcel Grant featuring Gemma Arterton, Rafe Spall, Benedict Cumberbatch, James Corden, Nigella Lawson and more...

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Feature film starring Daniel Weyman (The Lord of the Rings: The Ring of Power) and French actress Caroline Ducey (Romance), written and directed by Marcel Grant

Feature film starring Alissa Jung and Oliver Tobias, written and directed by Marcel Grant due for release in 2024

Documentry film due for release 2024

Pie & Mash poster 2.001.jpeg

Double Pie Double Mash Double Liquor
Documentary film due for release 2025

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