MAMA is a production company making feature films, promos and music videos

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Commissioned by SOHO HOUSE for The Electric Cinemas in Notting Hill and Shoreditch, featuring Gemma Arterton, Rafe Spall, Benedict Cumberbatch, James Corden, Nigella Lawson and more...


London's oldest working cinema asks its patrons to observe certain manners of behaviour when enjoying its shows.

How to Behave (Col 2 mins)


What's Your Name 41? (B&W 46 mins)

A feature film made by the team at MAMA, which went on to do very well on the festival circuit.


Renowned artist, Sam Clarke, is commissioned to create a sculpture for a rich, dying client. In order to find inspiration Sam leaves London for Venice where he sets about creating his masterpiece. It's a journey of self discovery that forces Sam to face some awkward truths.....

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A documentary film claiming that 1978 was 'Glamours Golden Sunset' due for release in summer of 2021

Filmmaker Marcel Grant's new film, which through archive footage along with contemporary interviews with some of the surviving characters, documents the star studded decadence of a scene in which the chic and famous of the world's major cities partied like there was no tomorrow

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Music promo 'Shoot All The People' by New York band The Wey Hey Hey's (Col 4 mins)

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A Calvin Klein inspired short film 'Mr Know It All' (B&W 9 mins)

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Soho House High Road Brasserie Promo (Col 2 mins)