"We are living in an age of watching film content 24/7"

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Marcel Grant - Founder

Established in 2015, MAMA Film Worx was started out of the love of forward thinking film making. Being an independent filmmaker myself, I understand the difficulties in making films, showing them and ultimately selling them. We at MAMA have an ambition to build a world where filmmakers like myself can get the support needed to not only make their films, but get them seen! Our online platform for independent films will give filmmakers the opportunity to get their film shown, without having to rely on the usual avenues of distribution... come sit with MAMA.

As part of our vision we are building fully equipped film & TV studios in Berlin, specifically designed for contemporary, digital productions, so that low budget promos or full scale feature films can be made with equal passion and production value. W
e also have a film production company currently making the documentary film The Late Great '78.

To further show our commitement to independent cinema, we run the international film festivals WSFF (London) and WSFF (Berlin)